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Slaid Cleaves

MAY 17th, 2023

On March 3rd, 2023 Slaid Cleaves releases his latest album, TOGETHER THROUGH THE DARKTwelve new songs amid the 100,000 that get uploaded to Spotify every day (according to Will any of them rise above the din enough to be heard? So far, a few of them have been hanging out with the likes of young Americana superstars Charlie Crocket and Margo Price on the Americana Music Association album and singles charts, as well as the popular Spotify playlist, The Pulse of Americana.


It's Cleaves' second release on Candy House Media, which consists of himself and his wife and manager, Karen Cleaves, with hired gun Angela Backstrom promoting to Americana radio. It's one of the rare self-releases on the charts, and the early success of the first few singles is a testament to the consistent quality of Cleaves' output over the past 25 years, and to the bond he's built and maintained with the dedicated music lovers at Americana radio since its inception in the mid 1990s. 


Slaid teamed up with producer Scrappy Jud Newcomb for the third time in early 2022 to record a new batch of songs, Slaid's first in five years. Familiar themes of struggle and resilience will be a surprise to no one. TOGETHER THROUGH THE DARK digs into the crucial moments and experiences that shape our journeys. A kind word when it's needed most, the effort to act honorably in dark and violent times, the wisdom of a barfly, the majesty of rock and roll, the dignity of work and the enduring grace provided by true love. As Scrappy puts it, "This album speaks to the hopeful, the hard working, the battered, confused, and the sad. But above all to the believers in the city of freedom that we heard in the stories of our youth and all those FM radio hits." 


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Sam Downing

Opening for Slaid Cleaves

Sam Downing

Sam Downing is an American Singer/Songwriter from Central Texas.  His debut album Storyteller came out when he was just 16 years old.  Most recently, he has released his new single Western Movie in December of 2022.  Keep an eye out for this talented, young musician and his new music on the horizon.

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