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Concrete Wall

Chuck Cannon

   Chuck Cannon grew up in South Carolina Low Country.  He's a Southern boy whose music echoes the R&B, Rock & Roll, Country and Gospel music he grew up on.  His father and grandfather were both Pentecostal preachers, so he naturally learned to sing in church and early. 

   Cannon songs have been recorded by an incredibly diverse array of critically acclaimed solo projects; God Shaped Hole, Love & Money and Symphony of Scars deliver songs that are quite simply, stunning.  He is also a published author and his spoken word recording, True Stories and Other Lies:  Volume One explores yet another aspect of his creative voice.  His 2017 release, Machine, takes the listener on a wild song ride down back roads where the houses still have tin roofs, screen doors and front porches . . . Where rivers run with memories of where we can never go again . . . Then walking the streets and sidewalks of the soulless grey city where dreams are swallowed whole by cold clanging contraptions of our own making . . . His wry humor makes for social and political commentary which takes no sides, save that of the common folk who work hard, laugh loud and know only one thing for sure; we are lost without love.  His live performances are riveting and always leave you wanting more.

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