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Jessee Lee

   Jessee Lee is a fourth-generation musician from Nashville, Tennessee, who plays country music with a blend of old-fashioned and edgy styles.  She is the daughter of Grammy-nominated hit songwriter David Lee.  Naturally, Lee grew up surrounded by music and started writing songs at the age of nine.  She moved to Texas in 2015 and began performing in honky tonks and venues across the state.  Her unique vocals, picturesque songwriting, and genre-blending music found her a loyal audience in Texas.  In 2022 Lee began using her talent and passion for writing as a means to help others by working for an organization called Operation Song.  With this orgainzation she gives voice to the stories of active and retired veterans coping with PTSD.  Jessee has been praised as one of the best up-and-coming females in the Texas scene.

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