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Red River Songwriters

     The Texas Red River Songwriters are a collective of multi-talented artists who together created a festival in beautiful Red River, New Mexico.  To promote the festival they tour the country, delighting and enticing audiences wherever they play.  In the four artists, one can hear influences of folk, country, soul, roots, and rock and roll.  A short list of these artists' accolades includes Nashville publishing deals, a multi-platinum country single, international touring, and more than 25 albums released between them.  Each of these artists has experienced success performing on their own, and can easily hold a room of listeners for an entire show, so when they come together there is magic:  the sum becomes greater than its parts.  Unbelievable!

Josh Grider

josh grider

A Texan by way of New Mexico, Grider's songwriting delights with meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes delivered in a rich, resonating voice that sounds like the West.  While Grider is wonderful on his own, catching him with his pal, Drew Kennedy, as a half of the Topo Chico Cowboys, is a special treat.

Drew Kennedy

drew kennedy

Kennedy is not a native Texas either, raised on the east coast, Kennedy moved to Texas as soon as he became aware of the music here.  Kennedy draws from Texas legends and the landscape of the state to create the magic that are his songs.  His writing is appreciated by artists and fans alike.

Walt Wilkins

walt wilkiins

There are not enough superlatives to describe Wilkins' songwriting skills.  In fact, fellow bandmate, Kennedy reported that Wilkins' lyrics made his knees buckle.  Wilkins delivery isn't too bad either.  If you have the chance to hear Wilkins, take it!

Susan Gibson

susan gibson

Susan Gibson has been a troubadour for much of her long career.  The road has been her friend and performing her art.  She has proven herself to be an extremely talented and award winning songwriter, with hits that have traveled beyond expectation.  For this festival, Gibson has been granted the title of "Songwriter Wrangler", as she has had a hand in birthing the event and "roping" the talent.

Red River Songwriters
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