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Concrete Wall

Michael Hearne

     Michael Hearne's destiny has been tangled in wire and wood since he first laid his hands on a guitar at the age of seven.  With a natural ear for harmony and an aptitude for picking, it wasn't long before a young Michael Hearne became a local sensation in his childhood hometown of Dallas.  By the age of sixteen he had honed his skills on the guitar and without a doubt in his mind about his destiny, he hit the road as a touring musician.

     Hearne's career over the next few decades would take him across the southwest and beyond.  Calling the mountains of northern New Mexico home for many years, Hearne shared his talents as a singer, songwriter, and picker in bars, listening rooms, and dance halls throughout the region.  His songwriting prowess earned him recognition, with renowned artists like Jerry Jeff Walker and Gary P. Nunn recording his poignant compostions.  Collaborating with esteemed musicians and hosting the Big Barn Dance Music Festival, Hearne continues to shape the world of music with his dedication, skill, and passion for his craft.

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